Parents Interaction Programs were held on 7th May and 4th June 2022. Parents were given training on the understanding of hearing loss and interacting with hard-of-hearing children. The training aimed to know about the hard of hearing and hearing loss, and its causes and symptoms, understand the impact of hearing loss on a child, gain knowledge on intervention and the role of parents, and understand behavior changes in the children and the rights provided in the legislation. Similarly, the Itinerant Services Provision (ISP) teachers of SHRUTI shared the progress and challenges of children who have received ISP services from SHRUTI.

After the training, the parents came to know how to interact with their hard-of-hearing children, the importance of the role of the parents, and the provision for hard-of-hearing people in the legislation in Nepal. The parents were very interactive and they shared their challenges, experiences, and views, and asked questions. Parents drew special attention to the change in the behavior of their hearing loss children after participating in the Itinerant Service Provision (ISP) provided by SHRUTI. It was observed that government support is very important to address the needs of hard-of-hearing children. Parents further realized that the unity of parents is very important for the advocacy to materialize the provision provided by the legislation for hard-of-hearing people. The program was participated by more than 30 parents of hard of hearing and monitored by the representative of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It was our privilege that the program was also observed by the Executive Director of the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss.